The next phase is called - Amplify

Hello Friends It's Keith

About 4yrs ago my sister and I started a music school called Crescendo. With the Arts being taken away from our schools and not a lot of thriving strings programs out there, we hoped to be a studio that helped foster a renewed love for strings and feed the greater string community. And it that time we've done some pretty amazing things

  •  We have provided instruction to 100+ Students
  • Last summer we launched our summer string camp
  • Expanded our program at REACH Leadership Academy to two campuses.

Most of the above was powered by our own effort. But there comes a time when you realize you can only go so far on your own. Truthfully, we have been for a while and now we need help and aren't afraid to ask. An instrument can play the most beautiful melody only so loud on its own, but in order for the world to hear it, it needs to be AMPLIFIED.

We are asking you to become “Amplifiers” to help us extend our reach. Our three goals for Phase 2 are:

1. Acquiring our own facility

To be able to conduct group classes out of one place for 4 years has been nothing short of amazing and we are forever grateful for that! But, now we're in need of our own space. A place to call home. As our ideas have grown, so has the need to have full time access to a facility. With that, not only will we be able to offer more days of instruction (inclusive of private sessions), but also host workshops and other community enriching activities.

2. Provide scholarships to worthy students

So often we run into people who would love to take lessons but just don't have the means. To obtain a good student model instrument can be quite expensive. With scholarships, we will be providing someone deserving a chance to focus solely on learning and not worry about the burden of cost. The scholarship will not only include instruction but also instruments.

3. Take Crescendo Abroad. ( April 2018!! ) 

With a trip to Kenya already under our belt we plan to return next Apr! Details coming soon. Stay Tuned!!

It means so much to us at Crescendo to be able to directly impact lives in our community.  In addition to enhancing academic success and building self esteem, music also provides tremendous therapeutic relief.  As stress levels are through the roof and tension is high, music is such a powerful unifying force.  We are extremely humbled and thankful to be a part of a unifying chord.  You helping us reach our goal means everything. Thank you in advance!