Crescendo is a musical term which means to increase to a peak or climax.  We believe our lives should reflect this progression: constantly growing, striving to reach one’s fullest potential.  Many of the qualities needed to crescendo in life are cultivated by studying music.  

It is our mission to cultivate discipline, determination, tenacity, and build self-esteem, through music education.

It means so much to us at Crescendo to be able to directly impact lives in our community.  In addition to enhancing academic success and building self esteem, music also provides tremendous therapeutic relief.  As stress levels are through the roof and tension is high, music is such a powerful unifying force.  We are extremely humbled and thankful to be a part of a unifying chord. 

- The Crescendo Team

Meet the Faculty

Kybra Minisee - Founder of Crescendo, Violin Instructor, Vocal Coach

Matthew O'rane - Conductor, Master Teacher, Violist

Keith Tutt II - Multi-instumentalist, Composer, Producer, Teacher